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ElastoCrete Presencial Training

Updated: Apr 10

2 Day Class, Beginning May 1 2024

Includes 2 ElastoCrete KITS, $444 Value

This course will cover how to prepare surfaces for bonding to concrete, wood, vinyl, tile and even over glued down commercial carpet. How to create patterns, designs and logos.

We also cover our Cushion Crete system that allows pouring over sound barrier material or rubber, for applications like multi-story buildings when there are sound transferee codes or restrictions or for applications like basketball courts where it provides a bit of a cushioned surface similar to playing on a wood court versus a concrete floor.

In the class we also teach the pour in place countertop system, attaching the substrate you want to pour on (OSB, etc.) how to form, color, create veining, pour, polish, seal and other custom options.

Everyone who attends will work with the product and get hands on experience. We will meet with each party and discuss how we can work together to make your business successful.

Breakfast and lunch are included. Come prepared to have a paradigm shift in the way you view concrete flooring and countertops!

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